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Schilke had a profound influence on the development of brass mouthpiece design and pedagogy in the 20th century. His wisdom and insight have influenced several generations of performers, educators and students while setting the standard for other manufacturers.

trumpet таблица schilke mouthpiece

Today, Schilke Music Products continues to offer the highest level of expertise in assisting musicians when determining what mouthpiece might work best for their playing needs. The instrument acts as an amplifier for the vibration produced within the mouthpiece.

Selecting a Brass Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is critical in determining the character of the sound, response, and intonation along with consistency of sound quality in all registers and dynamic levels. These variables include rim contour or rim shape, inner rim diameter or cup diameter, cup shape or cup volume, the throat, the backbore and shank or stem.

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All of these components play a major role in the final sound production on a brass instrument. General knowledge of these concepts and how they work can only assist the player in selecting equipment that improves their sound. In addition to several new mouthpiece models from the Schilke custom mouthpiece division, Schilke Music Products continues to offer a unique mix of classic designs that were a result of custom consultation with many notable professional musicians and colleagues of Renold O.

таблица mouthpiece schilke trumpet

A labeling system was later developed to reference each mouthpiece while describing the general resistance variables of each model.

The Schilke mouthpiece model nomenclature offers information on the following primary mouthpiece characteristics: These models were later determined to fill a specific need in the horn community from student, educator, to professional player. The rims and cups shape provide variety of options for the soloist, chamber, or orchestral hornist.

These classic models feature comfortable rim profiles and unique cup shapes.

таблица mouthpiece schilke trumpet

Most tenor trombone mouthpieces are available in both small and large shank options. Models 66, 67, and S-H feature the classic Helleberg shaped cup.

mouthpiece таблица trumpet schilke

Please specify if the mouthpiece is intended to fit a European tuba. They have comfortable rim shapes that provide a clean, crisp attack. They are offered with a standard cup depth or a deep bowl shape.

mouthpiece schilke таблица trumpet

This has been a very popular custom choice for quieter passages where a cornet sound is desired without losing the control and focus of the sound. Symphony Series Trombone Mouthpieces Based on our standard trombone mouthpiece models, the Symphony Series models have modified rim contours, cup shapes, throats and backbores creating a responsive balance in resistance and blowing freedom along with attack clarity that will appeal to the contemporary trombonist.

mouthpiece таблица trumpet schilke

Schilke Symphony Series mouthpieces continue a tradition in outstanding Schilke workmanship combining old world craftsmanship with the demands of the modern brass player.


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